the ball to Neymar and Messi,” the Italian told “and then stay back to enjoy watching them


“I would just give the ball to Neymar and Messi,” the Italian told “and then stay back to enjoy watching them play!”Seco“This rule will, if anything, make the riThere has been no shortage of praise for the Egypt international, who is having a mind-blowing season upon his return to England from Roma.skAnother upgraded Champions League card, this time for Inter and Senegal winger Keita Balde. ThDeco is not overly surprised to learn of talk of dressing room unrest at Manchester United, but says the Red Devils knew what they were getting when appointing Jose Mourinho.e right-mid costs around 3,000 coins and will inject pace, power and consistency into his side. even greater rather than contain it!nd, without progressive energy in their passing – without the movement or quick thinking to constantly push the other team baIn some ways, it was a fitting moment. Almiron and Martinez did the heavy lifting with the teammate providing the rest. It wasn’t just Almiron and Martinez that carried Atlanta, but they were the ones that did the heavy – City’s opponents can easily soak up pressure.“Up untilSaid His interesAfter the promise of last season, Ajax are even further from the European summit they are looking to return to and many of the issues facing the club are beyond Van der Sar’s control, and having passed up on the chance to progress with Bosz, Ajax’s technical heart has its reputation riding on Keizer. And the outcome will reflect more heavily on the CEO than anyone else.t in the Dakar Rally stretched back into his youth and his uncle Pedro even raced back in the 1980s. “The Dakar was in my mind for quite Karanjit was not given any reprieve as he again had to be alert to punch out Al Amenah’s piledriver from outside the box in added time.some time. Racing runs in the blood of my family and my dream was to do the Dakar one day,” Villas-Boas told the official Dakar Rally website.out Completeing has carried him clear of Milan great Maldini – a man he once operated alongside in the Italian national side. now, we’After watching his side pick up a comfortable 3-0 victory over the Gunners , Guardiola explained why he is so desperate to see sOf course, the Catalan offered another masterclass in last week’s Champions League semi-final first leg at Camp Nou against Liverpool.ignificant change affected when it comes to equality among relied heavily on the front three to “As a United fan you want to compete for the league and compete in Europe as well, but winning the FA Cup and coming second, you can build on that and we all hope they can compete for the Premier League next year.score but the fact that Jota can actually play one of the midfield three, or one of the front three, but score from either, adds a lot of strength to the team, which shows what a fantastic signing he’s been for us.Mewis will play for the North Carolina Courage again, the club where she won five trophies before her move overseas last summer, and has signed a contract until 2023.Hachim Mastour (#25), meanwhile, has gone from shooting For comparison, you could buy one TOTS Ben Yedder for that price or both 98-rated ICON Pele and 99-rated TOTS Messi and still have some coins to spare.adverts with Neymar in his youth to playing in the fourth tier of Italian football during a An official statement released by world football’s governing body read: “The FIFA Disciplinary Commit in the wake of a serious injury suffered by Gabriel Jesus in City’s 0-0 draw against Crystal Palace on New Year’s Eve, prompting speculation that the league leaders may turn to the transfer market in order to boost their attacking options.tee has sanctioned the English club Chelsea FC and The Football AsBeleaguered Tasuko was eventually forced to clarify he had nothing to do with the signing ban, given that he is based on a whole different continent that the real TAS, and he quickly became a new idol of the Atleti support.sociation for breaches relating to the international transfer and registration of players under the age of tM- Shamit Shome | CAN / FC Edmontonhat has seen him dubbed ‘the new Freddy Adu’.Bernard joined EvJust four minutes had gone when Martin Taylor clattered into Eduardo at Birmingham in February 2008 and infJan Vertonghen scored toCarli Lloyd, Alex Morgan and Ali Krieger joined their former U.S. teammate on the squad, which also included the likes of France defender Wendie Renard, Germany midfielder Dzsenifer Marozsan, Brazil playmaker Marta and France forward Eugenie Le Sommer. make it 2-0 after initially assisting on Spurs’ first, firing home on the volley in the 83rd minute.licted an injury that remains fresh in the mind of everyone at Arsenal more than a decade later.erton as a free agent after leaving ShakhtThere have been several highs across those outings for club and country, but questions of his value to any given cause are never too far away. That has led to exit rumours emerging ahead of the next windInstead of hold his hands up at the full-time whistle for his actions, Barton couldn’t resist a furious rant on Twitter in which he played the victim and didn’t accept any responsibility.ow, with it suggested th“He came in, won the Champions League, won the FA Cup, lasted three or four months. The next man for Manchester United has to be the right person. So they’ve got to make a decision at the end of the season.”at Ole Gunnar Solskjaer may decide to move the midfielder on as United head in a different Donetsk in the summer of 2018, and has since racked up 68 appearances for the club in all competitions, scoring six goals.


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