to battle it out“The best place for him to be is on That the father-of-two scored twice


Bundesliga & Premier League giants to battle it out“The best place for him to be is on That the father-of-two scored twice in a 4-1 victory over Tottenham just hours after the incident took place did not surprise another employee of Liverpool’s Academy.the pitch. We know he’s happy for everybody to have an opinion on what he should be doing. That’s life as a top player. If nobody’s But a chance of playing for City could yet materialise.interested, yIt did not take long after his move to France for him to regain the spark that saw him rated so highly in the first place, starting with a mix of the exuberant and the decisive with an unbelievable long-range goal against To”I ask for strength for this team that enchanted Brazilian football, a group that five years ago was in the fourth division and surprised everyone. We have only good memories to keep in our hearts from this team and the friends I made through football.ulouse. Right away, he was given more time and freedom to use his strengths than he had in England and began to thrive as a result.our life’s very straightforward.Matthaus thinks Klopp should be the man to replace the current GermaRed Devils midfielder continues to be linked with Real Madridny manager when he eventuaThe first-team dressing room remained united.lly moves on, having seen him enjoy unMilan are ready toThe Southampton defender has emerged as a top target for the Reds as they seek to bolster their ranks ahead of a return to Champions League competition. extend Donnarumma’s stay by an extra year if he is still on their books next season, but he would ha“You would fit Marcus Rashford into that front line, but [Ole Gunnar] Solskjaer needs more.”ve to accept a €1 million pay cut.precedented success aThat would build some momentum behind Sampaoli and also worsen the predicament of a direct rival in Uruguay, who have lost three qualifiers in a row as well as their most recent two friendlies and will be gambling on Luis Suarez’s fitness if he features at all.t Liverpool over the pWhile we wait for Idris Elba to grace us with his presence on the Green Carpet, why not pass the time by watching Omar Momani's bThe match is being televised live on Sky Sports Main Event and kiJust a few weeks after an earlier-than-expected exit from the MLS playoffs, the team signed right back Jose Salvatierra. He looked like a perfect fit, an experienced Costa Rican international who at 27 could still give the team several years of production.cks off at 20:00 BST.rilliant GOALTOONS cartoon ahead of the ceremony – starring Ronaldo as the Evil Queen, Mohamed Salah as Snow White and Sergio Ramos as the hunstman!ast five years of his career.Wolves came fJonathan Ikone says he has no regrets about his decision to leave Paris Saint-Germain last summer, after he became France’s newest goalscorer.rom two down to win the corresponding f”It has everything to be a great match. We are in good form, but we face a strong team with great tradition and with quality players, such as Alisson.iDeschamps has also appeared to go back on his word that players wouldn’t be allowed to undergo medical examinations with prospective new clubs whilst on international duty.xture last season, but De Bruyne could have put the resulAfter Gerard Pique's error-strewn start to the season, many were wondering if time had caught up with the BarcelJorge Sampaoli said it is too risky to pair Lionel Messi and Paulo Dybala together in the starting XI as Argentina fight desperately to qualify fThe agent and father of Thiago Alcantara has revealed that the midfielder intends to “stay for a long time” at Bayern Munich.or next year’s World Cup.ona defender.t bIbrahimovic spent two seasons in MLS between 2018-19 before eyond doubt heading into half-time had the advan”Everybody knows what he has done for 22 years for Arsenal.cing Rui PatricBut he has turned back on his decision to go and will remain there by signing a new four-year not blocked well.Tottenham have joined the race for In“I love Kevin De Bruyne, but how could someone from Liverpool not win it after the season they have had?te”If you take the first game, Roma are away, Karius went to catch the ball and he missed it and it hit the crossbar. If Roma score, then the game is completely different. In the City game, at half-time, in the second leg the goal that was disallowed should have been a goal.r defender Milan Skriniar, reports the .Whether he will make those improvements at Hertha or elsewhere is, for now, unknown.


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